Managed Services:

  • Co-Location
  • Network Design
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Administration and Schema Design
  • Data Migration
  • Data Mining services

Co-location or Virtualized Server services are available at our data center. Our Co-location service features redundant Internet connections and an environmentally secure facility. Contact us today for a free quote.

Need a Unix/Linux or Windows based network, LyonsDyson LLC can design your company's network infrastructure from the ground up. Maybe you already have a network, but want more control over it. LyonsDyson LLC can have your systems cleaned up and optimized. Make an appointment today for a free system analysis.

As with all of our services, on site consulting is available to areas of the Northeast United States region.

Have an idea on how you want your data setup but don't know how to create that database? LyonsDyson LLC is the solution to your data dilemma. We will map out and simplify your database needs. Even if you have an existing data system and don't have time to manage it, LyonsDyson LLC can administer your systems for you.

Qualifying databases:

Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server

Data Migration from one database format to another can be done with ease at LyonsDyson LLC. Call us today for details.

Need Data Mining capabilities? Have a large amount of Data? LyonsDyson LLC can provide your business with the the service needed to show trends, relationships, or patterns within your data. LyonsDyson LLC provides a wide range of data mining implementations that will help your business grow and profit. Our team of engineers can organize and efficiently display your data for later analysis or report building.

Like all business’s, we need a place to store our data. However, we don’t always want to deal with the hassle of creating and managing a database. LyonsDyson LLC can create that database and frontend your business always wanted, custom to your needs. LyonsDyson LLC products are always scalable. So as your business grows, we can grow with you.
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