VOIP Services:

We offer a wide verity of Asterisk IP-PBX and Asterisk based Hardware solutions. Asterisk is an open source IP-PBX software that runs on the Linux operating system. Asterisk works with almost all standards-based telephone hardware and supports the TDM protocols used in traditional business telephone systems. The combination of IP-PBX Asterisk hardware along with the Asterisk software creates a robust, feature-filled IP-PBX at a substantial savings over traditional business telephone systems.

What you get with our VOIP service plans:
  • FREE, Unlimited calls anywhere between your offices as long as they are connected to our system.
  • Very Competitive international rates.
  • No annual contracts.
  • No changes to current infrastructure.
  • Connect IP-PBX services and SIP servers with a SIP Trunk.
  • Worldwide DID services.
  • Asterisk services.
  • SoftPhone available for your travelling employees.
  • Groupnumbers available for easy office-to-office connect.
Connect IP-PBX systems and SIP servers using SIP Trunks. Our team of experts will analyse your companies needs and create a solution that suits you. With our services, you can reduce operational cost saving on calls to PSTN and between worldwide company branches.

Call us today and we can answer any of your VOIP or IP-PBX questions.

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